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If you’re thinking about an online advertising campaign, Google Adwords is a great place to start. Adwords is a powerful product that allows businesses of all sizes to produce cost effective and data-driven advertising campaigns on the web. Below are Estland’s top 6 reasons to start using Google Adwords:

1. It works.

Adwords is very targeted. Your potential customers in your designated target market zone are searching for what you do. Your ad comes up and they click on it. We have methods to get people who are looking for exactly what you do to click on your ad which leads to your website which leads to a sale, or what we refer to as a conversion. We can track exactly how much you spend to get a conversion and most of our clients have seen that effective Adwords campaigns cost much less per conversion that other marketing methods.

2. Only Shows Ads To Potential Customers.

Adwords offers filtering options for target audiences. Customization and pinpoint audience targeting ensures that you only show ads to people who are likely to be your potential customers.

3. Google Analytics and Adwords Work Together to Track Your Results.

A big marketing challenge that businesses face is ‘attribution’ –  the process of identifying which efforts are actually generating sales. Google Analytics works together with Adwords to show you exactly which ads are generating clicks, leads, and sales conversions. Adwords and Analytics take the guesswork out of marketing attribution and provide valuable information about your target market.

4. Adwords Helps You To Reach Outside of A Local Market.

If you’re website is already optimized for high placement in organic search results for your local market, Adwords can help broaden your reach. By filtering ads geographically you can create dynamic campaigns that will penetrate new markets and expand your regional visibility.

5. Flexible budget. No contracts.

Pricing for Adwords works on a flexible ‘cost-per-click’ structure that allows you to set a maximum daily, weekly, or monthly budget and change or cancel it at any time. Cost-per-click ensures that you’re only paying for ads when they’re working.

6. Great For Time-Sensitive Advertising.

Are you expanding and looking to hire new employees? Thinking about rebranding? Adwords reach can have a powerful impact on time sensitive advertising that needs to get out quickly and stand out.

Regardless of the scope of your advertising goals or budget, Google Adwords offers the customization and precision to deliver a cost effective campaign. If you’re considering starting an Adwords or other online advertising campaigns, Estland can help.

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