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Dimensional signs to grow your business!

Signs are everywhere. You pass dozens of signs everyday, but which ones stand out in your mind? A quality custom-designed three-dimensional sign has memory sticking power, creating brand and identity awareness amoung your target customers.

Signs are a critical part of your overall marketing strategy. Your sign illustrates what your company stands for and can help generate impulse purchases and attract new customers.

When considering a new sign design for your business, there are three key things to remember:

1. Get a Permit. All exterior signs require a permit from the city or county location that the sign will reside in. Here’s a link to the sign permit application for Harrisonburg City and here’s a quick link to connect with the Rockingham County zoning offices.

2. Make your sign easy to read. This letter visibility chart has been made for you based upon information provided by Pennsylvania Transportation Institute, Penn State University and the United States Sign Council (USSC). c 1998

100 ft      /       4″ letters
250 ft      /     10″ letters
360 ft      /     16″ letters
500 ft      /     22″ letters
750 ft      /     33″ letters
1000 ft      /     43″ letters
1320 ft      /     57″ letters


3. Select materials that are long-lasting. How many years in your vinyl rated for? Often stock vinyl lasts for 3-4 years; an 8-10 year rating protects your investment. Are you considering a dimensional sign? Try high-density urethane or aluminum rather than steel so that you don’t run into rust issues. Panting? Use a baked on finish or additional clear coat so that your paint won’t ship or peel. The last thing you want is to have your investment need consistant maintenance. After all you want to make a lasting impression!

And remember, signs are viewed quickly, so you want your sign design to be strong, but simple and memorable. You only have a split second to grab the attention of a passing motorist or shopper.

If it’s time for a new sign for your business, you have great opportunity to create a graphic impression that people will remember when they need your product or services. Make sure your sign is designed to do its job -bring you more business! Check out the signs in my sign portfolio.