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Dimensional signs to grow your business!

Signs are everywhere. You pass dozens of signs everyday, but which ones stand out in your mind? A quality custom-designed three-dimensional sign has memory sticking power, creating brand and identity awareness amoung your target customers. Signs are a critical part of your overall marketing strategy. Your sign illustrates what your company stands for and can […]

I’m not all that tech-savvy. Is it hard to post blogs?

Posting a blog is similar to sending an email. It should only take you a couple of minutes after you become familiar with the software. If you’ve hired a professional set up your blog, make sure the deal includes a training session on the software. Ask lots of questions and try doing it yourself while […]

How much time do I need to maintain my blog?

Blogging FAQ: How much time do I need to maintain my blog? A successful blog needs regular updating—at least once per month. When you’re first starting out, allow about two hours to gather your thoughts, select your resources and write your first blog. I’ll be discussing tips for the actual writing process in a later […]

To blog or not to blog…

Thanks for checking out my new blog site! Over the next few weeks, I’ll be answering seven common FAQs about blogging. These are questions I’ve heard many business owners ask when they’re thinking about starting a blog, and I hope you’ll find my answers helpful. Blogging FAQ #1—What exactly IS a blog? The word “blog” […]