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The Psychology of Color

Color plays a huge role in effective graphic design. Colors can mean different things depending on the culture. Research conducted in the U.S. sheds light on the various ways Americans tend to interpret color. Black—implies authority and power, evil, or submission (for example, a priest’s black robe represents submission to God). In the fashion world, […]

What does your logo say about you?

Your logo is often the first thing your potential client sees, so you must make a good first impression. Here are some logo designs that I’ve done for some local businesses. I try my best to develop unique, easy to recognize brands that help my clients communicate the spirit of their business. A logo that […]

New website design and development for Mill Cabinet Shop!

Estland has been working on a new website design for Mill Cabinet Shop in Bridgewater, Virginia. I wanted to communicate that the cabinets are all hand-made, in house, by extremely skilled and experienced carpenters. Unlike some of my templated sites, this one has been built from the ground up. The photography was provided by one […]