SSL - What It Is and Why It's Important

With SSL on rise we've recently had an uptick in questions about it. What does SSL stand for? What does it do? In this blog post we'll answer your most basic questions about SSL and explain why it's important for you to have.
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6 Reasons You Should Be Using Google Adwords In Your Marketing

If you're thinking about an online advertising campaign, Google Adwords is a great place to start. Adwords is a powerful product that allows businesses of all sizes to produce cost effective and data-driven advertising campaigns on the web. This article features Estland's top 6 reasons to start using Google Adwords.

Is Your Website Safe From Hackers?

Imagine for a moment that you’ve had a perfect start to your day. The sun’s out, you hit all green lights on the drive in, and even got to listen to your favorite song on the radio. Then you get a call from the office manager. He says a customer called and she was having problems with the website.


On April 21, 2015, Google released a mobile-friendly ranking designed to give preference to mobile-friendly sites in Google search results. This move has been nicknamed "Mobilegeddon" for its clear goal to displace sites that aren't mobile friendly.
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Responsive Web Design & Development: It's a MUST!

Responsive Web Design is a way of building a site to create an optimal viewing experience on all screen sizes across all platforms from desktop computers to mobile phones and tablets. In our opinion, a responsive website development is a must!
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Better design = better marketing results

Studies show that as a nation we are consistently raising our standards of good design. We don't settle for boring and out-dated; it doesn't make us feel good. It doesn't appeal to our emotions and if it's not innovative, we don't care as much about it.

How Famous Brands Got Their Logos

So as I sift through my emails this morning, I have a LinkedIn newsletter referencing Design Taxi's recent post about "How Famous Brands Got Their Logos." This is really helpful for those of you who are currently thinking about a new logo or redesign.

What is your client's first impression?

You know that old saying, "Don't judge a book by it's cover." Well, what if that's all we have to go on? In business, we have one chance to make that first impression and often the first impression could be a business card, a newspaper ad...

Successful, beautiful websites that get you more business!

Simply having a website isn't enough. I don't know how many times I've heard someone say, "I have a website, but it has never gotten me any business." Your website has to be effective...
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Dimensional signs to grow your business!

Signs are everywhere. You pass dozens of signs everyday, but…

If I decide to start blogging to help market myself online, what should I write about?

The actual content is the heart of the blog. If you don’t have…

How can I make sure the content of my blog enhances the mission and public image of my company?

Carefully selected content and skillful writing are the best…

I’m not all that tech-savvy. Is it hard to post blogs?

Posting a blog is similar to sending an email. It should only…

If I decide to blog, do I have to respond to replies or comments?

Blogging FAQ: If I decide to blog, do I have to respond to replies…

How much time do I need to maintain my blog?

Blogging FAQ: How much time do I need to maintain my blog? A…

To blog or not to blog...

Thanks for checking out my new blog site! Over the next few…

The Psychology of Color

Color plays a huge role in effective graphic design. Colors can…

What does your logo say about you?

Your logo is often the first thing your potential client sees,…
Mill Cabinet Shop Website

New website design and development for Mill Cabinet Shop!

Estland has been working on a new website design for Mill Cabinet…