If I decide to start blogging to help market myself online, what should I write about?

The actual content is the heart of the blog. If you don’t have something interesting to share with readers, your blog will fall flat. Be on the lookout for interesting material that will educate and enlighten readers about your products or services. Keep a file folder with magazine articles or flyers that would make interesting blog subjects. Keep a log of good websites you can link to from your blog. Once you start looking for good material, you’ll notice it in more and more places. Try to mention your location conversationally in each blog, for example, “Here in Harrisonburg, business people often prefer to meet downtown for coffee or lunch.”   Try to use key words that describe your business or service, but don’t overdo it. And use an eye-catching graphic to set off your beautifully-written article. A good picture is worth a thousand words, and grabs the readers’ attention before they read a single word.