Successful, beautiful websites that get you more business!

Simply having a website isn’t enough. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard someone say, “I have a website, but it has never gotten me any business.” Your website has to be effective. It has to convey your image and your message at-a-glance. Studies show that viewers (surfers) decide whether to stay on a site or bounce back to the search results within 1.5 seconds. So, ask yourself, “if I landed on a page of my site, would I stay or would I go?”

The two most important factors in the “staying power” of a website are:

1. Great design.

2. Great content.

And because we process images 60,000 times faster than text, great design is the first reason to stay. Your site should communicate the personality of your business through it’s design sensibility. Part of the site design includes the navigation. Your site design should be well organized and easy to navigate. Once you have that down, it needs to contain great content that has to do with what the viewer is searching for.

Tips for effective website content:

1. Know what “key words” your audience is using in their online searches and use those words throughout the pages of your website. (Google Keyword Tool can help you with this.)

2. Dedicate a whole page to each of your services. If I am searching to learn more about life insurance online. Then I want to land on a page dedicated to life insurance… I don’t want to sift through all of the other insurance plans you offer only to read about the life insurance at the bottom of your page. I would probably “bounce” off of your site before getting to the item of my interest.

3. Update your site regularly. A good way to do this is to have a blog or news page. Sites that have regular updates are viewed more favorably by Google.

4. Increase your credibility by having reviews or testimonials throughout your site. People want to know how others liked your services.

5. Keep it simple. Less is more. Have catchy headings and bullet lists when you can. These days people only spend a minute or two on sites, scanning for useful information. Make your point quickly and invite them to call you.

Stay-tuned for more info on effective websites coming soon!