Responsive Web Design & Development: It’s a MUST!

Optimal Viewing On All Devices From Desktop to Mobile

Responsive Web Design is a way of building a site to create an optimal viewing experience on all screen sizes across all platforms from desktop computers to mobile phones and tablets. In our opinion, a responsive website development is a must! You may be thinking that your clients are baby boomers and they probably don’t surf the web on mobile devices or maybe you just don’t think that it’s common for the general public to search for businesses on their hand-held devices. Well unfortunately, that’s simply not the case. We have some clients who get as much as 80% of their website traffic from mobile devices also known as “hand-held” devices and across all target markets and all types of business you’ll see an average of 50% of your website traffic will come from hand-held devices. This means one thing, you need your site to look great and work well on mobile devices. Period. Nobody wants to zoom in and pan left to right to read your content, they want an easy to read, easy to navigate experience. Otherwise they’ll bounce off your site quicker than you can say “RESPONSIVE.”

Estland is the go-to web development company for responsive web designs in Harrisonburg. If you’d like an estimate for a responsive website design, fill out this Quick Estimate form and we’ll be in touch!

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