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Better design = better marketing results

Studies show that as a nation we are consistently raising our standards of good design. We don’t settle for boring and out-dated; it doesn’t make us feel good. It doesn’t appeal to our emotions and if it’s not innovative, we don’t care as much about it.

Recently Adam Swan, advisor to Forbes and head of strategy at gyro New York, wrote an article for Forbes outlining the principles behind this new era of design. Please read it and consider your current business design. Is it up to snuff? If you aren’t proud of the quality of your product or service or if your corporate brand has an outdated look, chances are that’s what others are thinking too. Companies with poor design simply can’t compete. We don’t want to use a product if it doesn’t look good. How many times do you choose a bottle of wine based on the label? How many times do you go to Starbucks and spend $5 on a cup of coffee?

Bottom line: We buy products and services based on feelings. Good design and good brands make us feel good.