To blog or not to blog…

Thanks for checking out my new blog site!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be answering seven common FAQs about blogging. These are questions I’ve heard many business owners ask when they’re thinking about starting a blog, and I hope you’ll find my answers helpful.

Blogging FAQ #1—What exactly IS a blog?

The word “blog” is a combination of the words “web log.” A regularly-maintained blog will help your website stay up-to-date and interesting to visitors. A blog post can be written, such as a commentary or a description of an upcoming or past event, or it can include graphics or videos. Posts are arranged by date, with the most recent post appearing at the top. Good bloggers aim for short, interesting content that holds the reader’s interest.

Blogging FAQ #2—Does my company need a blog?

A blog can do two important things for your business. First, a good blog helps position you as an expert in your field by providing a venue where you can offer your expertise to potential and existing customers. You can use a blog on your website to share helpful tips and facts about your product, service or industry.

Second, a well-written blog is likely to help your website get higher rankings from search engines like Google or Yahoo. High rankings are the best way to get people to visit your website. So the ultimate goal is to make it easy for potential customers to find your site by having it appear high on the list of search engine results. I’ll give you some tips about what to include in your blog in a later FAQ.

Stay tuned for more FAQs about blogging coming soon.

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    Cindy Chiarello says:

    Beautiful as always, Vada! Thank you for the information on blogs. It’s nice to explore all the possibilites of marketing in this digital age.

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