What is your client’s first impression?

You know that old saying, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” Well, what if that’s all we have to go on?

In business, we have one chance to make that first impression and often the first impression could be a business card, a newspaper ad, or a 30 second radio spot. So how deep can we get? How far into the book do we go? The answer is simple. We almost always get our first impression from glancing at the “cover” of a business.

So when you sit back and look at your brand identity from your online marketing material, to the cleanliness of your desk or the carpet on your showroom floor. Take a moment and ask yourself, “is this making a good first impression?” or “Is this impression consistent with the view I have of my company?” And don’t be afraid to ask others. Take surveys. Get unbiased opinions on the effectiveness of your image. When the results are in, if your brand identity is flawless and portrays exactly what it is your company represents, then don’t change a thing! But, if you have weakness, inconsistencies, out-dated material, and overall confusion. Take action! Contact a graphic designer that specializes in brand identity, or an organizational specialist that helps with unwanted clutter, or call your local carpet company to get that old orange dingy stuff out to the dumpster where it belongs. Bottom line, a consistent brand identity will mean increased sales and growth for your company. Stay-tuned for more on what makes a great brand identity next week!