Writing A Regular Blog Keeps Your Site Relevant.

Ever wonder why blogs are so popular? In the early days of the internet, a blog was written by individuals with an agenda. Health food gurus, fitness and self-help personalities and many more focused groups wrote blogs to discuss their opinions and lifestyles. Since then, blogging has evolved into a critical marketing tool to maximize your website’s position on search engine platforms. Writing regular blogs and posting them to your site provides fresh content and extra webpages, pushing your business towards the top of web searches. Written to optimize the services or products your business offers, blogs can provide effective SEO at minimal cost.

Learning How SEO Works Helps You Grow Your Business.

Google’s algorithm distinguishes websites based on different criteria. Learning more about this criteria helps you take advantage of the opportunity it provides.

  • More Pages, More Exposure: The more webpages on your site, the higher it ranks when you Google it.
  • Keyword Usage: Google looks for certain keywords that relate to your business. Do some research to determine the keywords most relevant to your business and use them in the appropriate manner and your site is on its way towards the top.
  • Updated Content: Adding fresh content to your site keeps it alive and elevates its performance on search engines.
  • Social Media: Blogging gives you great material to highlight on social media platforms and link back to your website to maximize offsite SEO.

Professional Content Writing Gives You Time To Focus On What You Do Best.

At Estland, we understand the time necessary to write new, fresh content on a regular basis. We provide professional content writing for all your marketing needs; including: blogs, newsletters, and brochures. Our specialists meet with you to discuss topics and services you want to optimize for on your website and submit their drafts to you for approval prior to posting. Our professionals are experienced Google keyword researchers and use your terms effectively to maximize your business through regular blogging. Contact a member of our team to discuss blogging to maximize your website’s potential.

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