We Offer Comprehensive Brand Management Services.

A company’s brand is defined by attitude, experience, smell, taste, and the vibe of the company culture. It is important to realize the difference between hiring someone to design your logo vs hiring someone to develop your brand. Your brand is developed over time and is influenced by every single encounter your business has with the outside world. Sure, it can be your graphic look: your website, your business card, your ads, and your place of business, but it is also much more than that. Your brand is your product’s quality or lack thereof. It is the essence of your business. At Estland, we work from the position that Michael Eisner, former Disney CEO, articulates with this simple definition, “A brand is a thousand small gestures.” Synthesizing business experience, disciplinary knowledge and artistic ability, Estland has developed a program to assist our clients in all aspects of their branding needs.

Your Logo Graphic Recalls Your Brand.

A logo is the icon or graphic image of a company name that assists memory recall and associations for your customers. Your brand is what those associations are – whether they are positive, negative, or neutral. Every piece of information your brand communicates to your customers becomes associated with your logo, though your logo alone does not create these associations. So what does your company brand say about you? How are you perceived in the marketplace?

Redefine yourself. Partner With Estland.

We can help you with your graphic image, address those gaps in perception and help showcase who you really are to your exact target markets.

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