Online Now, More Than Ever

Now that most of us are either sheltering-in-place or working from home during the COVID-19 crisis, we are more online than ever before. Less time away from home and more time spent sheltering-in-place means more time online. If you want to be visible to your current customers and prospects, you need to be where they are.

Facebook Live videos are not a replacement for face-to-face events. But conferences and expo events have been canceled for the foreseeable future. Right now, streaming videos are the best we’ve got. Facebook’s algorithm favors live video webcasts over video content that is no longer live. The number of people in the US watching live-streams via Facebook Live has risen by 50% this year.

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Businesses that have restrictions on in-person gatherings can still stay engaged with current and future customers via Facebook Live videos. Here are a few examples of companies and organizations using Facebook Live in new ways now that everyone is stuck at home:

How can your business leverage Facebook Live to offer your current and prospective customers useful information, entertainment, or services?

Facebook Live Doesn’t Have To Actually Be Live

Live webcasts can be scary and intimidating. What if you make a mistake? The truth is, mistakes can convey authenticity that a well-polished video cannot. However, there are ways to stream a Facebook Live video without actually being live, and Estland can help you make that happen.

You can even send us your video clips and we can professionally edit them and schedule the Facebook Live for you.

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DIY Video Tips For Businesses In The Age Of COVID-19

Filming videos in-person or on-location has become difficult — in many cases, impossible. Here are some tips and tricks for capturing the best cell phone video possible.

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Why Mobile Websites Are A Must

A mobile website is an important element to promoting your brand online.