Analytics To Measure Your Success.

If you can’t track it, you don’t know how to improve it. At Estland we don’t just set up your analytics and walk away. We train you in how to access and understand the Google Analytics reports. We assist you in knowing how to make improvements to your website based on the data in the reports.

Track Your Website Data In One Place.

With optimized page content and responsive design, when we launch your new website you’ll be able to login to your analytics account dashboard and instantly see your website traffic reports. You can identify the location of the people visiting your website, the keywords they typed in to find your site, their click path, their on-page engagement and more!

Analytic Trainings & Assessments.

Are you ready for a training session or maybe you just want an assessment of what you can do to improve your current website analytics. Whatever the case, we are here to help!

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Wordpress 5 Is Here!

If you manage Wordpress on your own there are some important things to note about Wordpress’ latest release. Wordpress 5 has a new drag and drop editor called the Wordpress Classic Editor plugin.
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Balancing Out The Work Flow Roller Coaster

Running a company is no small task. Keeping up with managing your team, your product or services and your sales flow can be a real juggling act.
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Lead Generation: 6 Pro Tips For Increasing Your Leads

Sometimes even new websites fail to convert visitors into leads. It's never fun to launch a new website and feel you've spent your marketing budget.
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SSL: What It Is & Why Is It Important?

With SSL on rise we’ve recently had an uptick in questions about it. What does SSL stand for? What is it?
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Is Your Website Safe From Hackers?

Imagine for a moment that you’ve had a perfect start to your day. The sun’s out, you hit all green lights on the drive in, and even got to listen to your favorite song on the radio.
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What is SMS and why should your business use it?

Short Message Service (SMS) is commonly referred to as text messaging. How many times do you send a text rather than call someone?
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What Social Media Platforms Should You Use In 2018?

Instagram is steadily growing and becoming more popular than Facebook with younger demographics.

Live Video Is Taking Off In 2018

By now I'm sure you've seen video feed on Facebook or Instagram of your friends doing something as benign as cooking dinner.

Marketing On Social Media Means Starting At The Top Of The Funnel

It you aren't a marketer and are browsing online through social media platforms, how often do you buy something you didn't even know you needed based on an ad you see?