Live Video Takes Off In 2018.

By now I’m sure you’ve seen video feed on Facebook or Instagram of your friends doing something as benign as cooking dinner. Did it captivate you? Maybe our reality TV craze has been taken to a new level, but when it comes to engagement, live video is at the top.

Over 50 Million Invested by Facebook.

Facebook and Instagram have a very strong position on live video which is something that marketing firms like Estland pay attention to. Facebook invested over $50 million to get content creators and media companies to create videos for Facebook Live.

High Level Engagement Through Live Video.

With so many brands and content creators struggling to figure out how to get more engagement in the face of Facebook’s algorithm changes, live video is a great option. Video captivates viewers like no other medium and if you haven’t added it to your marketing plan for 2018, it’s time to consider it!

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