Your Logo Design Is the Recall Device For Your Brand.

Did you know that icons and images are stored in your long-term memory, whereas text is stored in short-term memory? This is one of the many reasons having a logo is so successful for brand recognition. It is important also to distinguish the difference between a logo design and a company’s brand. Your logo doesn’t have to tell clients who you are or what you do. It doesn’t have to define your product or service -your brand does that. Your logo design is simply the recall device to your brand.

Studies show that successful logos create a strong sense of recall even with children as young as three. A well designed logo can inspire confidence, excitement and even envy. We consider every detail of the design down to the psychology behind color choice and how this communicates with your target market. Whether it’s playful, conservative, or quirky, your logo should correlate to your company’s image and messaging tone.

A Rebrand Doesn’t Mean Loss, It Means Growth.

Rebranding is an important component of maintaining a modern, relevant image in the marketplace. Most companies rebrand over the years and if done correctly you don’t lose recognition and you don’t lose business. A successful rebrand involves creating a campaign to gain excitement behind your new look. Our rebrand experts will take you through this process with ease ensuring that your clients remain excited and not confused by the transformation.

Maintain Consistency With A Brand Guide.

Does your business need a brand guide? We can help! Creating a guide to give vendors who are involved with your brand is always a great idea. We build out guidelines for your logo, it’s placement, your color pallet, your font styles and all applications.

Are you ready to get started? Contact us today for a free estimate!

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