On Average Over 60% Of Site Visits Come From Mobile Devices

Over the last five years we have seen mobile views up by over 400%. Gone are the days when only 10-20% of your website traffic viewed your site from mobile. Now mobile view averages trend over 60% with some of our local business owners reporting closer to 80% of traffic coming in from a phone or tablet. This means that now more than ever before a mobile-friendly site is a must.

A Mobile Website Ranks Higher On Search Engines.

A mobile website is an important element to promoting your brand online. In 2015, Google announced it would rank mobile-friendly sites higher than those designed for desktop use only. Called Mobilegeddon, this transition affected nearly 80% of websites. In 2016, mobile traffic to websites surpassed that of traffic via desktop. 2018 and 2019 statistics show Google is the search engine of choice for more than 92% of online users. These statistics reinforce the importance of having a mobile-friendly website for your business.

Top Mobile Benefits Include:

  • Google Ranking: A mobile-friendly website is the third most important element Google’s algorithm analyzes to determine your Google ranking.
  • Display: A mobile responsive site’s display adapts to the device you’re using. It will shrink or grow depending on the screen size.
  • User Experience: Web browsers often become frustrated when sites are difficult to navigate on their phone and/or tablet which can lead them to jump off your site and onto the site of one of your competitors.
  • Lower Bounce Rate: Websites that are not mobile-friendly experience significantly higher bounce rates than those that are mobile-friendly. That means that if people go to your site on their phone and it is not mobile friendly, they leave quickly which negatively impacts you in the eyes of Google.
  • Credibility: A mobile-friendly website shows you value the online experience of your customer and current trends in the market which adds credibility to your business

We Design With A Mobile First Approach.

At Estland, we design with a mobile first approach giving priority to a great user experience and design on mobile first.  Contact a member of our team to learn more about creating or transitioning your site to a mobile website.

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A mobile website is an important element to promoting your brand online.
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