Optimizing The Top Of The Funnel.

It you aren’t a marketer and are browsing online through social media platforms, how often do you buy something you didn’t even know you needed based on an ad you see?  In all reality, not frequently.

For years we have been telling our clients that selling through education is their best practice. When it comes to pitching your services on a social platform, the same rule applies.

Here’s a hypothetical example of the typical buying process. Let’s say your company sells a special type of mountain biking shoe. Your customer might be one of three types: thinking about trying mountain biking, an avid biker, or looking for your shoe specifically. 

  • Top of the funnel: Joe is just getting into mountain biking and is noticing that his usual sneakers aren’t ideal.
  • Your marketing message: At this stage, you’d need to educate Joe on why bikers need harder shoes with more traction. You’re not selling anything, just providing information through a live video or post.
  • Mid-funnel: Sarah has been riding for over a month, and she keeps loosing her footing. Sarah is actively searching for things like “how to keep your footing”. She is looking for a solution to her problem.
  • Your marketing message: Since Sarah acknowledges her struggle, your job is to show her that there are viable solutions to fix her problem. An article or free download to help Sarah understand the benefits of your product will work well.
  • Bottom of the funnel: Chris is a mountain biker that currently uses a shoe designed for biking, but wants to test another product. He is actively looking for exactly what you sell.
  • Your marketing message: Rather than focusing your energy on education a direct message with a link to your product page is the best method to capture this lead and turn it into a sale.

A majority of the people browsing social media are more at the top of the funnel (Joe). Yet marketers advertise to them like they’re at the bottom (Chris). As you market to folks on social media keep in mind, the Top of Funnel is the place to start. We also like to do A/B ad testing to see what gets the best response.

If you’re looking for new content ideas, using a tool like Buzzsumo to see what’s popular on social platforms makes the research process extremely simple.

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