Instagram Is Becoming More Valuable Than Facebook.

Instagram is steadily growing and becoming more popular than Facebook with younger demographics. In 2017, Instagram announced that approximately 800 million people use the platform each month. Their latest tool, Instagram Stories has become more popular than Snapchat.

Brands tend to see better engagement on Instagram than any other social media platform, and because of great advertising controls, Instagram is poised to become the go-to channel for brands interested in social media marketing. 

If your target market is college students, you will be more likely to find them on Instagram than Facebook.

Twitter Is Fading Fast.

So many people I talk to still say, “I just don’t get twitter… does anyone really use it?” The answer is yes, they use it but it is not winning traction over other more popular social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. No improvements or upgrades have been made to their ad platform and as a result marketers are using other platforms.

Linkedin Is Gaining Traction with B2B Marketers.

While Twitter struggles, LinkedIn has made a number of great improvements to their platform. Linkedin updated their user interface in 2017. With that update came many improvements to the ad platform. It is our prediction that this marketing platform will be heavily used in 2018.

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