WordPress 5 Is Here.

If you subscribe to one of our maintenance plans, we’ll take care of everything so you can rest easy.

If you manage WordPress on your own there are some important things to note about WordPress’ latest release. WordPress 5 has a new drag and drop editor. While still not as sophisticated or user-friendly as the advanced editor we use, this is a major improvement to the WordPress core and will only continue to improve over time. The problem with this update is that it is much more likely to break plugins and themes that have not been updated recently or have not been verified to be compatible with WordPress 5. Below are our recommendations before updating WordPress:

  1. Have a good backup.
  2. Update all plugins and themes BEFORE updating to WordPress 5.
  3. If you are using the Enfold theme, make sure it is version >= 4.5.1 or install the WordPress Classic Editor plugin
  4. Update WordPress
  5. If you experience problems with the editor or simply don’t like it, install the official WordPress Classic Editor plugin.
  6. Test your pages

If you run into any issues, need help, or would rather us do this update for you let us know!

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